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Laois / Re: Championship Draw 2018
« on: October 20, 2017, 07:15:26 PM »
What is an acceptable year getting out of Div 4 and being competitive against Div 2 & 3 teams in the championship?   I would take that, lets be honest Laois are not going to get anywhere near Kildare who next year are a Div 1 team.

Static you are kind Keyser

A team going well can pull out big performances. At least for 45/50 mins. There is also the possibility of Kildare's year in Division 1 being a very tough one. These two factors could see Laois have a good rattle for 45/50 mins. I think anyways. No expectation and nothing to lose.

Laois / Re: Championship Draw 2018
« on: October 20, 2017, 06:34:46 PM »
Ideal draw for the players and management team. Sets the year up nicely, as others have said.

Division 4 win and get to a Leinster semi final v Kildare in Croke Park is a realistic and achievable aim. It would be a positive year after several that were static at best.

Laois / Re: Newspaper Items
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:21:17 PM »
f**k that if it's true. He should be involved at some level with the county. Its a joke that a man with his passion is not involved.

Course he should be involved with Laois,but you could hardly fault him,if Dublin came looking and he said yes.
He won’t

I wouldn't be shocked if he did. Why wouldn't he. Very exciting project.

Laois / Re: Next Laois football manager
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:54:19 PM »
how da fuk are we down this low? We wouldn't spit on these teams a few years ago, now we're doing battle with them.
Lawyer fucked us.

Who in God's name is Lawyer ? ? ? ?


Laois / Re: National Hurling Legue 1B 2018
« on: October 13, 2017, 06:03:02 PM »
2 ways of looking at this.
A real tough start with games against what are basically Division 1A teams.
On the other hand games 3 & 4 are very winnable and could set us up to have a right good rattle off Dublin at home.

We need to beat Antrim the week before heading to Tullamore to have any chance over there. I see a lot of our younger players "wintering well". It is their own business to a degree, and I believe Laois were back fitness testing over the last week or two, but it is a little bit concerning!

Laois / Re: Strategic Review of Gaelic Games in Laois 2017
« on: October 09, 2017, 06:32:32 PM »
To add a little to this I think the GDAs are often bogged down a little with paperwork. Some of it totally unnecessary and some of it which should be completed by others. These are supposed to be our best and most up to date coaching resources. They are needed out in the fields 5 days a week for 6-8 hours. Whether that is all day in schools or part of the day in schools and a few evening hours every now and again between them (coaching courses and club visits) I don't know but there is no need for them to be sitting inside in an office for 15-20 hours a week (which I believe they often are- whether it is their "fault" or not)

Laois / Re: Strategic Review of Gaelic Games in Laois 2017
« on: October 03, 2017, 10:40:49 PM »
Interesting summation.

I don't like your references to the education and employment records of the candidates. Personal opinion.

I wouldn't dismiss O' Neill as "harmless" and I can see him putting up a serious fight. I'd be backing him to win at this point.
Mortimer is a "wheeler dealer" as you say, but I don't think he is as popular as the victory in the Vice Chairman contest might suggest!

Laois / Re: Strategic Review of Gaelic Games in Laois 2017
« on: October 03, 2017, 08:37:21 PM »
On the vote itself, the closeness of the vote between O' Neill and Mortimer for Vice Chairman this year is an indicator. Allen is a non runner in my eyes.
I think O' Neill wins for two reasons.

1) Allen's bid will hurt Mortimer- Geography and code.
2) The football clubs will be loathe to see a hurling orientated chairman in place of the man who has effectively been "Football Chairman" for 5 years now.

If Mortimer ends up in  a battle with Tom Clear to hold onto the Vice Chair I could see another candidate slipping in to take it. Again Clear and Mortimer are close as clubs go, and the hurling support gets split.

Laois / Re: Strategic Review of Gaelic Games in Laois 2017
« on: October 03, 2017, 08:29:22 PM »
Look nobody is here with an intent to personally attack anyone, especially anyone who puts time and effort into Laois GAA.


There are people mentioned here who seem incredibly desperate to hang onto any role within Laois GAA. I can guarantee that some of those mentioned will be nominated for so many positions that they will eventually get one, no matter what the title or brief is. That is not good. Being Chairman of a county board should be very hard work, and a job that not many are capable of doing. To do this job for 5 years and then come back looking to do it again as soon as is feasibly possible after your term is up is "interesting" to say the least.
The depths that Laois hurling descended to during the previous reign of Brian Allen would worry me. It is not just what happened on the field. His quotes and interviews were extremely worrying. Accepting that we should just drop down a level to Christy Ring. Within a year we were competing with Galway in the Leinster Championship.
People here regularly criticise Gerry Kavanagh regarding the football managerial appointments made during his reign. They don't hold a candle to the hurling ones made under Allen.

I don't know Brian Allen. I am sure he is a nice man. I have seen him busy at work around O' Moore Park. He was previously Chairman and, as far as hurling goes anyway, it was far from successful. He should not be in the running to do the job again. That is not personal, just basic common sense.

Laois / Re: Next Laois football manager
« on: September 27, 2017, 07:36:29 PM »
I really don't think it matters what length of "contract" these managers get. If they do well, they stay on. If they don't, and there are question marks around discipline, preparation or other management related matters, they get "let off".

The clever thing to do would have been to privately assure Sugrue of his security, and present him to the county board meeting as our manager for the foreseeable future. Putting a length of term on a GAA manager is pointless.

Unlike others gone before him he has the background, experience and I believe he has as much of vested interest as is possible for a non-insider. He has worked with Laois Senior footballers before and was deemed good enough by the players. There is no reason he won't be a success- relative to what "success" means for us.

Laois / Re: Laois Junior Football Championship 2017
« on: September 26, 2017, 10:45:29 PM »
Just one other point in all of this. Laois GAA have been applying this rule (where you have to regrade one level at a time whether you stood down for a period or not) for several years, presumably in good faith.
I don't think there can be any question of the rule being used to "get at" Parkinson.

Does this now mean that anybody who did not play in 2016 or 2017 can play at any grade in 2018? Or that they can move down one grade from their previous grade in 2018? Or that they can move down one grade per year stood down in 2018?

Laois / Re: Club Hurling
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:06:38 PM »
Everyone entitled to an opinion.

Camross not getting the credit they deserve, again!

They know how to win, they know what they have to do, and they execute. Couple of slices of luck along the way but scoring two early goals was exactly how they want to play.
Clough Ballacolla fought manfully and squandered 2-3 really good goal chances. Had the goal came even 5/6 minutes earlier they'd have won the match. I don't know how many county finals are left in Ballacolla. They had no real impact off the bench and to be honest they are going to have to wait 3-4 years to get new blood of the quality they need. There will be big holes in the team by that stage, but all small clubs go through these cycles.

Laois / Re: Club Hurling
« on: September 24, 2017, 09:01:57 AM »
Camross carry on with the same shit, the inbred bullshite that only they believe in, the 'dark arts' of abuse & stopping free flowing hurling, abuse people on the line & from behind the goal, get ahead & then stop the game every chance you get, led by an old school leader on the line that they believe in,  BK fell for it, Clough Ballacolla won't, I'm no Clough Ballacolla fan but for Laois hurling we should be damning those Camross antics & hoping hurling wins out, Clough Ballacolla havegeexperience & quality

Rule 101- Don't post when drunk!

Laois / Re: Club Hurling
« on: September 23, 2017, 10:59:03 PM »
Ok, big day of hurling tomorrow. In both games, all known form and results to date point to an obvious winner. Will it pan out that way?

Senior Final
Camross are what they are, a combination that adds up to more than the sum of their parts is the general consensus. But that would not be giving them the credit they deserve. From 1-15, and beyond, they have hurlers. Most of them laden down with medals from underage right up to Senior. All of them can hurl. All of them work hard and all of them always seem to know what is expected of them each time they are on the ball. They are the best prepared club team I have ever seen in Laois.
It is the small things. Watch their defence tomorrow. 2 of them are expected to use physicality and mop up ball, before handing it off, another two are expected to hurl slightly loose, trusted to read the game and act as outlets for the two above. Gearoid Burke commands the centre and performs all sorts of roles. Joe Phelan is almost a "utility player" and will hurl at corner back, full back and possibly wing back tomorrow.
There is no luck attached to the wins they have had over the past 5 years. They are ferocious, and more importantly, methodical.
They deserve the breaks they get.
Both midfielders were excellent the last day. Again, playing to a very defined role. One whose job it was to win possession, carry through tackles and lay it off. The other played a "trequartista" role- "do as you please, but do it well!". That man needs no introduction.
They have a scoring threat as I outlined before the semi final (scroll up!). Palmer is a "new" addition to this scoring threat. Lively and skillful. Takes serious watching.

Clough Ballacolla are a bit of an enigma. No team that loses by 21 points mid season should get within an asses roar of a county final, let alone win one. Never mind a team who manages to lose twice by that margin. They should be a write off. They were always going to hurl well against Rathdowney Errill, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't get the credit they deserve for doing so.
They were always going to beat Abbeyleix, but again they went and did it.
I would have concerns over the mobility of 2 of their starting 6 backs and also another they may need to bring on in defence. From midfield up mobility isn't an issue. What Hanlon and Coonan no longer have in speed they cover for with cleverness.
I think Tom Delaney should be on the half back line. This would make Clough Ballacolla a much stronger unit as far as I am concerned.
The two losses will act as serious motivators for Clough Ballacolla, as will the sight of the finish line looming in the horizon for many that take the field tomorrow- There are 5/6 guys starting tomorrow who you would be hard pressed to GUARANTEE another final appearance to (by my reckoning only Damien Keenan fits that bill for Camross). The aforementioned mobility at the back could be exposed tomorrow.
Midfield will hold their own.
Up front Ballacolla have scorers. I tipped Ballacolla to win in 2015 (here or on laoistalk) because of their greater spread of potential scorers. They don't necessarily have an advantage over Camross in this department anymore, but they still have scorers.
Like the semi final I can see Hyland delivering big time tomorrow. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. The brief sojourn at centre back may have inadvertently helped strum up a freshness and desire for hurling on the half forward line. Him keeping Gearoid Burke busy could open up gaps elsewhere for tap over points. Burke does a huge amount of covering across the back line.

Doran v Hanlon
Phelan, Phelan & Burke v Delaney, Maher & Doyle
McEvoy, Cleere & Broderick v Keenan, Dooley & Burke
Keenan & Duggan v Delaney & Corby.
Collier, Collier & Delaney v Hyland, Phelan & Coonan
Palmer, Dowling & Holmes v Dunphy, Bergin & Hanlon

It should be Camross. But when you look at the possible lines above. Neither team stands out as particularly superior to the other.
It may come down to decisions made on the line.
When I look at Camross on the line I see decisiveness, aggression and methodical planning. A dictatorship at times too!
When I look at Clough Ballacolla I don't see the above. There is often an air of "too many chiefs......".

There is another aspect to this. The idea that "Camross always hurl in finals". Not true. They were terrible in '14, not hectic in '15 and even when they won in '13, Borris Kilcotton froze on the day. I am not buying that "Camross hurl in finals". I also don't agree with Merman's comment above that nothing short of a championship win would have been deemed acceptable out of this year. They are not that outstanding. I don't believe Camross people think they are either.

I am finding it tough to call this. I think Clough Ballacolla will take it right to the wire. Will they cross the line?
To contradict alot of what I said above, yes, I think they will. Clough Ballacolla to take it by about 5 points in a mild surprise.

I am not going to go into the detail I did above, but Ballyfin Gaels are favourites, and will win this as far as I am concerned. They are a year and a half on the go and have performed in every single championship match they have played. That has included games vs The Harps, Rosenallis and Castletown. Despite how the semi final result panned out, I rate all three of those above Colt Gaels.
Ballyfin were very close to winning this final last year. To come back this year and beat a team like The Harps in such a methodical way in the semi final is testament to both their ability and to the clever way they set up. They will play a sweeper, two if you want them to. They will soak up pressure and carry the ball out.
Finn, Hartnett, Lowry, Bermingham, Dunphy and Lyons will all score form play. Colt Gaels won't match this.

U17 Final
Three points of importance here.
1) Castletown Slieve Bloom have a large number of the team that lost to Camross in the minor final available to play at this age grade.
2) Underage hurling in Camross will have received a huge boost with the minor win. The lads that played in that final will be full of confidence tomorrow.
3) Camross "Gaels" must be a huge area to pick from? Difficult to know how much stronger Mountmellick, Ballyfin and Emo will make them.
A bit of a shot in the dark, but I will go with Castletown Slieve Bloom to be hurt enough from the minor final to take a win here.

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