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GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: May 23, 2018, 06:51:59 PM »
Something more basic like a  'backcourt' rule where you cant pass it back into your own half once you have crossed the halfway line, might be a better place to start

I considered that idea but I reckoned too many teams would be toying with the idea of crossing the half way line which would be an equally pathetic spectacle.

The slow build up possession football is only a symptom of the blanket defences. It is the 13/14/15 men behind the ball defending that causes the attacking team to retain the possession going over and back probing until a gap appears in the defence.
The underlying problem is with 13+ players inside the defensive 45m line there is no space for the attacking team.  That's the problem that needs to be solved.
2 points for shots from outside the 45m line is a decent suggestion, as is 13 a-side. Any rule change needs to be easy to implement. restricting the numbers in any particular section of the pitch DURING open play is very hard to police, especially in club games where the only neutral official will be the ref.
Also, I don't think a 'shot clock' is a good option at all for 2 reasons. 1. not easy to implement at club level and 2. I actually think it would encourage more blanket defences. If a defence knows that it only has to keep the forwards out for 30 seconds (or a minute) it will encourage them to tighten things up for that minute safe in the knowledge that if they keep it tight they get the ball back.
Any rule change needs to discourage packed defences not reward them.

Precisely, it would reinforce the idea of getting all your men back and breaking as fast as possible - just don't give the opposition enough space to shoot for 30/60 seconds and you get possession back, easy.

The time clock is difficult to implement at club level and that is a serious flaw.

I think 13 a side games would lead to the further proliferation of gym monkeys as coaches would simply expect 13 players to do what the 15 once did. Also the greater amount of space would encourage guys who could run all day at the expense of fat lazy f**kers, hampering participation across the country and leaving less room on a teamsheet for a slower creative player. I fear 13 a side would mimic sevens GAA which, to my eye, is based largely on being fitter and more mobile than the opposition in an energy sapping 70 mins. I could be wrong though. Like all these things until they're trialed we'll just never really know.

You're second point isn't correct. Currently loads of players have opportunities to shoot despite being faced with a blanket defence, they choose not to as they're facing a low percentage shot and faff about with the ball until they either score somewhere else or waste the possession. It's too f**king ponderous. The score clock would force these players to face the problem head on and take the opportunity when it's presented. Players who could kick accurately whilst under pressure would become a premium commodity and mean the return of the most skillful exponents of the game.

Secondly if as you say teams just sit in a blanket for a minute then they're faced with the challenge of getting the ball the length of the pitch and scoring within 60 seconds, a tough enough ask if you've put 14 men behind the ball. You've stopped the opposition from scoring but at serious disadvantage to your own chances of scoring.

Maybe a time clock is a bollocks of a suggestion but I see very few options to disrupting the possession game with simple law changes. I can't see a "no backpass" or "keep the ball in the oppositions half" being anything but nigh unworkable.

Do me a small favour though and this weekend when you're watching a match, count the amount of times a player gets into a shooting position and opts out of it to "recycle" the ball back to a man behind him and you've to wait another 30 seconds of tedious hand-passing for the team to engineer a shot. Drives me mad.

Indeed. I do like Itchy's ingenious mill button idea but I have an even more revolutionary proposal. Imagine if some forward thinking (literally) county coach decided to quit spending two hours a night three times a week and three hours on a Saturday teaching his players whereabouts to hang about in their own half when the opposition has the ball and how to make sure they stay behind the ball carrier when their own team has the ball.

Instead suppose he gave all his players a ball each and spent all that time letting them practice shooting from 40-60 metres, maybe with a few lads from local clubs brought in to hang out of them while they do it. (Steaks for the club lads after training too - only fair.)

What would their opposition blanket defence do in the first championship match of the season as points rained over from lads who had been practising the primary skill of football for nine months?

I know. Kicking the ball? Am I mad?

General discussion / Re: TV Show recommendations
« on: May 22, 2018, 09:43:08 AM »
Westworld season one for the most was average at best too. When us a proper show like Better Call Saul coming back?

No release date yet for Season 4.

General discussion / Re: Gambling
« on: May 17, 2018, 08:54:14 AM »
They need to be banned altogether. It's legalised robbery.

General discussion / Re: The Palestine thread
« on: May 16, 2018, 04:51:25 PM »

Ireland recalls ambassador from Israel........they should also expel the Israeli ambassador in Ireland.

Ireland has not recalled the ambassador. Or if it has, I can't find another news outlet that knows about it.

Darwin to the fore again.

General discussion / Re: Eighth Amendment poll
« on: May 10, 2018, 10:06:14 PM »
... I see no problem with a woman who was attacked getting a morning after pill or whatever it takes, quite the reverse I think the State must ensure that such people are treated.
However,  in my opinion, this is not the same thing as waiting 3 months and then deciding to have an abortion.

You’d find few people who would say that a rape victim shouldn’t have access to a morning after pill or abortion. Likewise I’d be in favour of termination for people who carry babies with fatal foetal abnormalities. If the prorposed legislation addressed those issues without allowing for abortion on demand up to 12 weeks then it would enjoy a lot more support.

Like most reasonable people, I respect the convictions of all who have considered the issues and come to a decision. I must say, though, that I have never understood this contention and cannot see how it doesn't destroy the argument of those whose opposition to abortion at any stage is based on the right to life from conception.

If a zygote or foetus has an unquestioned right to life (and I'm not, in this post, addressing that point one way or the other), how is that right so easily withdrawn based on its parentage and how can someone who believes this propose abortion in the case of rape?

General discussion / Re: Things that make you go What the F**k?
« on: May 10, 2018, 02:52:29 PM »
Hey! David Hasselhoff!
- Don't call me that, asshole. I'm 'The Hoff'.

OK, OK. No hassle.

I see Stephen has finally come out

Must have been a double doorway.

General discussion / Re: Arlene's bigotry shines through
« on: May 09, 2018, 10:25:17 AM »
Just wondering why is it taken as a given that 6 Cos residents would be down  £5k in a UI.?
Would their pay not rise to the equivalent of the 26 Co workers? ?
It's us who would likely be down €5k as things are at present.

It's laughable, really. Some North Koreans probably fear reunification because a carthorse costs more in the South.
Exports from the Republic are €89bn while from the North, exports are a paltry €6bn. This obviously reflects multinationals, but it also underscores just how far ahead the Republic’s industrial base is. Producing 15 times more exports underscores a vast difference in terms of the globalisation of business.

The Republic’s economy is now four times that of the North, even though the labour force is not even two-and-a-half times bigger.
In terms of income per head, the Republic is now almost twice as rich per person as the North. The average income per head in the Republic is €39,873, while it languishes at €23,700 up North.

The differing fortunes of North and South can be easily seen in the fact that, having been smaller than Belfast at the time of partition, the population of the greater Dublin area is now almost three times bigger than the greater Belfast metropolitan region.
Immigration is a traditional indicator of economic vitality. In the Republic, one in six people are immigrants, the corresponding figure for the North is one in a hundred.

General discussion / Re: Arlene's bigotry shines through
« on: May 09, 2018, 10:18:18 AM »
It's us in the 26 need to be guaranteed we won't be impoverished by subsidising the 6 Cos basket case.

Does anybody in the south have principles or does absolutely everything come down to money?

Does anybody in the North have a brain or does absolutely everything come down to us v. them?
 - How do you like it?

General discussion / Re: Eighth Amendment poll
« on: May 05, 2018, 11:38:12 AM »
If when the proposed legislation is enacted it will de facto represent the majority wish of the electorate, since that's what we elect governments for. If the electorate wishes to change its mind on the legislation, there will be a general election in due course.

eh?... with a minority government that won 25% of the popular vote?
General elections are not single issue plebiscites

Wow! I never thought of that.

What the hell are we going to do now that all our laws are invalid because one party doesn't have a majority in the government?

General discussion / Re: Eighth Amendment poll
« on: May 04, 2018, 04:45:24 PM »
If when the proposed legislation is enacted it will de facto represent the majority wish of the electorate, since that's what we elect governments for. If the electorate wishes to change its mind on the legislation, there will be a general election in due course.

General discussion / Re: Eighth Amendment poll
« on: May 01, 2018, 07:11:54 PM »
There seems to be quite a large undecided cohort - perhaps include that option in the poll?

Is there, really? Some may say that but I think this is an issue most people know from a long way out what way they're voting.

Sorry for delayed response:

General discussion / Re: Gambling
« on: May 01, 2018, 07:05:52 PM »
You can solve the cash-out conundrum by boycotting the bookies and betting with Betfair. Betfair also offers cash-out in play, but a better option, if the in-play trend is favourable, is to lay your own bet to get the maximum guaranteed return.

It can be a bit complicated to work this out on the fly if you want to get on before the trend reverses. My solution (when I used to bet somewhat seriously) was to have a spreadsheet with the first (back) bet stake and odds in place. Then you enter the current lay odds in a cell and a formula gives you the optimum lay stake.

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