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GAA Discussion / Programme Fair
« on: November 08, 2015, 09:47:59 PM »
Might be of interested to some posters:

I have decided to hold a Sports Memrobilia & Programme fair on 21st November in Belmont Co Offaly. 
This is open to sell all Memorabilia & Programme's for all sports.
I have set a sellers price at Ä10 a table and collectors entry will be Ä2 an adult. Under 18s are free.
All monies raised will be for our local High National School for future development of a badly needed sports field.
On the day I would like to have a draw with some spot prizes again to raise money for the school

Any bookings or questions can be sent to

GAA Discussion / Interesting Articles & Links
« on: August 02, 2015, 12:17:14 PM »
Think it might be an idea to start a thread with links to interesting articles, stories, podcasts etc which might be on interest.

I'll start off with this Sean Boylan interview from Newstalk:

GAA Discussion / The Trip to Tipp
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:24:24 PM »
Very few Tipp followers on here usually so how do my fellow Larries feel ahead of the trip to Tipp on Saturday? Could have got a kinder draw as Tipp should probably have beaten Cork but somehow got pipped at the post. Our confidence should be sky high but  surely Tipp will have a point to prove and be hoping to bounce back so tight game would seem to be in store. At least we should have a few more subs available this weekend although going by the junior final I don't think theres much on offer!

Hard to ever be too confident as a Longford supporter but plenty of reasons to be optimistic and looking forward to chance to visit Semple!

GAA Discussion / Programmes & Memorabilia
« on: February 07, 2014, 10:12:50 PM »
Well any of ye collect match programmes, books or any other type of memorabilia? Know doubt most of ye have a large and varied medal collection!!   ;)

Have a decent enough programme collection, although have lost plenty down through the years. Have all the season of sundays books that I've picked up here and there, including one copy I picked up form a lad on here!

So anyone got anything out of the ordinary or a prized possession?

GAA Discussion / site and Stats
« on: September 18, 2013, 08:27:26 PM »
Anyone ever come across a site called which seems to have disappeared recently? It had historical league and championship results going back to about 1980, county appearances, top scorers etc but it seems to have gone off the radar recently.

So is there a alternative site that covers such material, apart from Wikipedia....say all time championship appearances, top scorers for particular year and the like?

GAA Discussion / Summer Supporters
« on: June 02, 2013, 10:12:14 PM »
Funny cause so much of it is true!!    ;)

I am the casual GAA fan and these are my rights, as laid out in the Treoir Oifiguil of the association. I have the right not to remain silent. I have the right to criticise players whoíve spent ten years of their lives preparing for any championship match I attend on summer Sundays when Iím not watching Formula One, tennis or golf. I have the right to call into question their commitment to training and the size of their hearts and testicles when under pressure. Iíve the right to ignore all the evidence that suggests they are the most hard-working generation of sportsmen the association has ever produced.

I have the right to wonder about the fitness of individuals whoíve been in the gym for the best part of a decade. I have the right to lambaste the stamina of men whoíve been running up hills for six months. Iíve the right to question the hunger of guys whoíve put their lives on hold to try to be good enough to play senior for the county. Iíve the right to speculate loudly in pub toilets about whether a player is too fond of the drink and the women and the publicity to be truly interested in the good of the county team. If the mood takes me, Iíve the right to bring this speculation to the message board Mujahideens to see what they think.

I have the right to question the ability of players whose names I didnít even know until I read the dummy team named in the previous Thursdayís paper. I have the right to declare the manager is picking the wrong individuals even though I couldnít name a single player who is better than those who are out there. I have the right to write off the manager as the puppet of the county board even though he hasnít talked to the board secretary in years. I have the right to denounce the manager as somebody who knows nothing even if heís been coaching teams to all sorts of success for the past decade. If heís an outsider, I have the right to accuse the manager of only being in it for the money/expenses.

I have the right to wonder why somebody was picked for the championship on league form even though I was  too busy watching the Premier League all winter to ever get to a league game myself. I have the right to wonder why somebody was picked following good displays for their club because I havenít seen a club match in donkeyís years and Iíd struggle to name the last three county champions. I have the right to come up with all manner of ludicrous conspiracy theories about why the selectors are picking certain individuals and favouring certain clubs even though there is no actual evidence to support any of these views.

I have the right to make definitive pronouncements about controversial incidents that took place a hundred yards from where I was sitting or standing during the game. I have the right to indict players for making mistakes even though I watched the game after a few pints so my judgment and view might have been clouded a bit by the alcohol. No matter. I have the right to declare a player spineless or cowardly or vicious or all of the above because I half-saw something he was involved in down in the far corner, at least I think it was him.

I have the right to moan about the quality of my tickets for the match even though this is the first time Iíve seen the county play since last summerís big day out. I have the right to declare I will not be going to the back-door qualifier matches because those games arenít the real championship Ė sure theyíre not even on the telly most of the time. I have the right to reserve the right to get back interested if the team emerges from those qualifiers and reaches an All-Ireland quarter-final or better. Indeed, I also have the right then to complain if I have to make more than one phone call to a corporate contact seeking out tickets for the final.

I have the right to leave the match early if my team is losing so we can get back to the pub to watch the golf/tennis on the television, or to beat the traffic. I have the right to spend the journey home complaining that the players of today donít care as much about the shirt as the players of the past. I have the right to put all our troubles down to having too many city players on the team if Iím from the country. I have the right to put all our troubles down to having too many country players on the team if Iím from the city.

I have the right to loudly declare thereís nothing coming through from under-age even though I missed the minor match because I was sleeping off a hangover from last night. I have the right to ask what in Godís name they are teaching the young players even though I havenít seen an under-age or a schools match since I played in one. I have the right to slam the "modern" training methods being used even though I havenít attended a county training session since I was a kid.

I have the right to do all this while skulling pints and quaffing bags of chips before and after the game. I have the right to do all this while wondering why I stopped playing altogether at 16 when the training got a little tough and began to interfere with my studying/teenage drinking/socialising. I have the right to do all this while carrying around a pregnant beer belly that stretches every fibre of the OíNeillís jersey as it struggles to cover the vast expanse of my flesh. I have the right to do all this because I am the casual GAA fan in high summer and these are my games. ;)

GAA Discussion / All Time Championship Appearances
« on: August 15, 2011, 10:16:10 PM »
Would anyone have a list of the top all time championship appearances. After Brendan Cummins breaking Christy Ring's record in hurling, was wondering who holds the equivalent in the football?

GAA Discussion / Match Programmes - Whats the point anymore?
« on: July 11, 2011, 03:27:59 PM »
Am starting to run out of patience with all the changes being made to teams listed in programmes these days and seriously wonder whats the point of  the match programmes these days. Been at several games so far this summer and the number of changes being made to selected teams is amazing and only ones losing out are suckers like myself paying Ä3!

Case in point the other night, Longford v Tyrone....Tyrone make 5 changes from teams listed and start no 27 who isnt even listed in the programme! I know county boards get a token fine for changing teams as selected in programme but just another example of the supporteer being taen for granted.

GAA Discussion / A Season of Sundays
« on: December 03, 2009, 11:04:36 PM »
Now I'm looking for some help! I have every edition of A Season of Sundays, the photography books that review the year gone by apart from the 2002 version and have searched high up and low down, publishers, book shops, online and nothing!

If anybody has a copy they might be willing to sell or knows where I could get it could they please let me know. Have extra copies of 2003, 2005, 2007 that I can swap if necessary. Any help much appreciated. 2009 edition looks class as well I might add.

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