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General discussion / Re: So Sad!
« Last post by Capt Pat on Today at 05:38:16 AM »
He is 81 and still performing live. I would say it is the opposite of sad.
General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« Last post by The Subbie on Today at 04:19:35 AM »
Yeah McKenna is improving with every game , looking more comfortable and composed as the season progresses, the Aussies both media & fellas I work with are raving about his kicking but what has really impressed me is his handling.
His anticipation and reading of the game and the ball along side his handling constant impress me and I can see constant improvement every time I see him.
Fair play to him and the best of luck to him, as a Monaghan man I'm glad to see him playing AFL !!!!
General discussion / Re: Mayweather v Mc Gregor
« Last post by heganboy on Today at 03:32:59 AM »
rickie Hatton's thoughts

I'm a Conor McGregor fan, what's not to like about him? He's exciting, he's charismatic, he can punch. He's good for sport. But they are two different sports.

I like everything about Conor but I have to be brutally honest, I can't see it. When you see Canelo [Alvarez], he can't lay a punch on Floyd Mayweather, De La Hoya, masterful, masterful boxer, I was 100-mile-an-hour and aggressive as you like and he handled me no problems. And that was my game, in-fighting.

Sorry Conor, I can't even see it being a fight. I really can't. I can only see Mayweather all the way.

And I do hope I'm wrong, by the way, I hope he flattens Mayweather, I honestly do, but I honestly can't see it. I hope that hasn't offended my Irish fans, and Conor for that matter.

I just think he's the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, one of the greatest of all time, and Conor's not had one boxing match yet.

Come on.
General discussion / Re: So Sad!
« Last post by Avondhu star on Today at 02:07:58 AM »
Just watched the great Kris Kristofferson at Glastonbury via the BBC.  So sad to see him stumble through his greatest songs, his voice quavering and weak, a shadow of his younger self.  Time has taken its toll on him and really not unexpected as he is now 81.  I found it so sad I had to turn it over.

I googled to see if this was a one off situation but it appears that it is not, yet he is still being booked and touring even going on solo tours that expose his frailties.

A bit like you on the bus home from the bingo
General discussion / Re: The US policing crisis thread
« Last post by armaghniac on Today at 01:45:37 AM »
Setting a pitbull on a cop TWICE.....dont have too much sympathy to be honest

I'm not an admirer of pitbulls, but they are likely to attack without requiring orders to do so. Either way, capital punishment is not warranted for their handlers.
General discussion / Re: The US policing crisis thread
« Last post by whitey on Today at 01:39:40 AM »
The police are definitely a bit trigger happy in the US.
and some other recent incidents mentioned there

Setting a pitbull on a cop TWICE.....dont have too much sympathy to be honest
Laois / Re: Laois 2017 - NHL and Leinster SHC
« Last post by burdizzo on Today at 01:12:06 AM »
Shows how shallow the panel is. And no sign of Cahir, either. Could be tricky on Sunday.
Laois / Re: ACFL Division 1A
« Last post by Junior Ex Laoistalk on Today at 01:11:00 AM »
other forums that you and the like of you have managed to ruin down through the years...

He talks a lot of shite, but i'd like to take you up on that point. If it's LaoisTalk you are referring to, the only reason that finished was that it wasn't making money! Nothing to do with trolls etc

No, I understand what happened to Laoistalk, that was a very well run forum and sadly missed. 

I've been on a few other forums where clowns like him do nothing but run down guys who have nothing but respect for their counties and have to put up with insults when they express their opinions. All that serves to do is to make genuine posters leave and not waste their time reading trash like that.

Tony is a genuine guy and I don't know how he puts up with some of the stuff that's thrown at him. Whether you agree or disagree with his opinions is up to each individual but he has an opinion and sticks to it and you have to respect that. I think he speaks a lot of sense and Creedon will come good given time. He has had a horrible start but if the lads believe in him that's good enough for me.
General discussion / Re: Mayweather v Mc Gregor
« Last post by Syferus on Today at 01:06:50 AM »
Firstly, Sonia proved herself over a decade of performance and at several distances. She didn't just win a couple of races.

Secondly, just because MMA is a well known popular sport doesn't mean that someone who does a less popular sport isn't a sportiing great. That's just ignorant. So does teh popularity of the sport determine how much value the athlete has? Crap talk. Buster Douglas won a Heavyweight world title does that make him a far more worthy sportsman than 5 time gold medailst Chris Hoy becuase less people watch track cycling?????

Thirdly, McGregor is not a great. Christ, he has only had three title fights. He has lost 3 out of 24 fights. He's unusual yes in that he transferred divisions but that is hardly a jaw dropping feat. Very common in combat sports. In fact every combat sport has some multi-weight champions. It's not like he is Pacquaio who won across seven weights. Come to think of it Mayweather has won across five.

Whhat is great about a huge self promotion drive and three title wins. Good - yes, Very good - probably, Best around now - Well lets see a lot more fights first. Great - Laughable, three championship wins and only one defense. Stop kidding people. Many, many more wins needed to earn that accolade.
I'm not going to run down Conor, I'll leave the objective analysis to those who know more about boxing/mma. However running down Sonia's achievements is ridiculous. MMA is a tough sport but the razzamatazz , recent surge of interest, and questionable regulation mean that MMA is a long way off boxing , athletics etc in terms of prestige. Trying to place MMA in an elevated position because of recent promotional success , doesn't stand up to scrutiny.
In my opinion a sport's prestige is directly correlated to its worldwide participation. For example , millions play soccer and reaching the top in soccer(Roy Keane)  has serious credibility. MMA by comparison has minimal participation throughout the world and its regulatory procedures are questionable, so it doesn't have the same prestige as boxing , for example. Most of the best sportspeople in Ireland are in GAA ,golf, horse racing , soccer, rugby, boxing , athletics ,. To reach the top in Ireland in MMA you are a tough customer and deserve great credit , but tbh you don't have the competition you would get in the other sports at the top level. Fair play to Conor, but Syferus don't confuse hype with prestige!
I'm no begrudger , just trying to contextualise Conor's success.

If you think middle-distance running is much more popular or more profitable than MMA I've news for you. Indeed pretty much every athletics discipline is almost totally subsidised by jingoistic nation states who see promotional value in medals. These are - in the main - not athletes who are buttering their own bread, so to speak. Exceptions such as elite 100m sprinters or people who become national darlings like O'Sulivan or Jessica Ennis and can parlay that popularity in hawking sponsorships and appearances are the exceptions that prove the rule. And then you get to the salient point that middle-distance running is itself just a niche of that not-very-popular grouping of sports.

People badly need to separate actually popular sports from ones being propped up nearly entirely from governmental grants. Just because lads like to run to keep fit doesn't mean many of them want to spend their spare time or spare money watching others do likewise.
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