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GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: June 18, 2018, 12:28:43 AM »
Except Tom Parson's gorgeous hair.

I had hair like that once. Must get the wedding album back out for the look.
I meant to ask you Jinxy. What's the story with hair in Meath?

 Mickey Burke is still playing for Meath? In the forwards? In his defence I'd say he is from Mayo refugee stock with a name like that. Mayo Burkes can play ball too and can be hairy and a bit thorny as well.
Yer gone and all that and only got a glimpse of Tyrone or some game, but I could have sworn I saw a Meath player with a bun. What is going on there? That cant be right. Surely there are enough skulling gates in the county to nip that kind of thing in the bud?

GAA Discussion / Re: Connacht Senior Championship 2018
« on: June 18, 2018, 12:17:48 AM »
Those are almost the most satisfying wins when it seems you are beaten twice but pull it out of the fire. Nightmare first half going in 3 points down after having a big wind at our backs. Standing off Roscommon players and letting them thread little passes around their forward line. No pressure on their kickouts at all. Roscommon then get the first score of the second half to go 4 clear. A comeback didn't really seem on given the circumstances but Roscommon wasted a few chances shooting from bad positions like they expected the wind to do all the work for them. Galway begun to get to grip on things in midfield and slowly worked themselves back into it and hit 6 points on the spin. Roscommon then reeling but get the penalty out of nowhere to go 1 up again. I thought that might swing momentum back in Roscommon's favour but Galway were impressive to be fair in closing the game out. Another 5 points on the spin and had the game gone on longer it seemed more likely that Galway would have extended the winning margin rather than Roscommon make it closer.

Kevin Walsh gets fairly tetchy about any criticism he receives for the way he sets his team out tactically but I can't believe he really thinks the approach they took in the first half with an almost gale at their backs was the right one. I mean they won in the end so he might say the end justifies the means but they put themselves in a hole of their own making. Really the only thing that kept Galway in touch in the first half was some Shane Walsh magic.

Maybe Walsh got his tactics spot on? Wind not really a big issue any more - Ros have some good kickers of the ball and couldnt score from play with it! Ros only scored 8 times v Galway 16. Just saying. First half Galway played a lazy zonal defense. They didnt have lads running around chasing lads and dummy runs. They expended little energy and conceded only 1-5. That is a good result. If things ended at ht the Galway lads would not even have to shower. Their energy levels in last quarter blew Ros. away. So, good tactics imo. Unfortunately for Ros. Galway would have decked how Mayo went to town on Ros in replay last year. Up the intensity and run hard. Play football with them and they will give it loads. They will do well now to recover from that.

GAA Discussion / Re: Connacht Senior Championship 2018
« on: June 18, 2018, 12:00:19 AM »
Far from a classic Connacht final those set of players can show so much better IMO. Galway won that game due to the individual performances of Tom Flynn,Ian Burke and Shane Walsh. While Roscommon lost due to losing Compton to injury and some awful shooting and shot selection in that 2nd half.

Galway will still need to give a good account of themselves in the last eight to consider this years championship a success while the rossies have up hill task to pick things up and try to reach the last eight but surely their shooting won't be as bad in a round 4 tie?

Tom Flynn went to town on Ros kickouts. Why was the kickouts anywhere him, even though I know they had to be long - nowhere near him? If ye play Dublin, Cluxton wont have him cherry-picking! Why did the Smiths influence disapper? I dont go along that the individuals you listed did ye. Ye should have been fresh but Ros. couldnt handled the press and intensity in last 20mins. Looked leggy and while Galway pressed Ros players seemed to go into a shell and lose the fight. Good luck going forward but I would not like to have to lift that team after that last 5/6 minutes in particular. As a neutral ( rooting for Ros. this time but could have been Galway on other occasions) I was disappointed with Ros capitulation at the end.

GAA Discussion / Re: Neil Francis
« on: June 17, 2018, 11:44:40 PM »
That wasn't a deliberate wind-up though.
He really does hate the GAA.  ;D
The best bit of that was clowns on social media slagging him off for 'only' finishing 9th in the marathon at the '84 Olympics.

A lot of people hate the GAA. Mostly in strong and successful GAA counties in my experience. A lot of GAA people hate soccer and rugby also. I just read the Francis column today and see nothing objectionable tbh. The GAA is not a national game because we don't play other nations. Our 'soccer' team seems to be getting poorer with less quality players as the years go by. Often they are unwatchable. They get hammered 5-1 in a WC qualifier and it seemed like the FAI were desperate for the manager to stay on!

 Kiernan's criticism was ok too. There are lads in their 40's and 50's that spend more time running training and are fitter than some senior club players and even some senior county players in their 20s. Maybe it is not the GAA players that instigate it but all the talk of 'sacrifices' is wearing.

GAA Discussion / Re: Neil Francis
« on: June 17, 2018, 11:18:18 PM »
Come on lads, don't take the bait.
The article is deliberately designed to wind people up.
It's ok to ignore these things.

Ignoring things is easy. Like I always thought Gerry Kiernan had a point about GAA.

GAA Discussion / Re: Connacht Senior Championship 2018
« on: June 17, 2018, 10:57:17 PM »

Congrats the Galway lads.

Good game and would have been a savage second half if Roscommon had a kick in them at the end but they had nothing really - which is surprising. The Compton injury was a big hit for them I think and they got beaten up around the middle in the second half. Harney is good but he looks short of conditioning - I know he's just back from injury. The Smiths seemed to disappear? I know that Galway might have more natural pace but I thought in general Ros legs were shot last 10 mins. Galway looked far better conditioned imo.

Kevin Walsh gets a lot of criticism for being negative. I think he will be pleased his tactics worked today. A lot of pundits saying Galway played their natural traditional game in second half today. They didn't. It was as un-natural as their 1-13-1 se-up in first half. That intensive high pressing game can't be sustained for 70 mins. So a manager decides when to do it. Galway did it today when Ros had thrown their best shots but hadn't pulled away. Galway won pulling up in the end. Roscommon players looked shell-shocked by the literally hands-on intensity of some Galway players. How Bradshaw was let away with bear hugging fellas is beyond belief. There is supposed to be a card for that kind of thing? Checking a player making a run. Coldrick and his team did not have a great day and I thought Ros came out on the wrong side of it, but mostly can have not much complaints about result. 

Tipp have really started to splurt after a good start to the year. Losing to what to my eyes is a poor Cork side by that margin would make you wonder if they can be competitive in this one.

It was one shocking performance that came out of the blue, it was similar to yerselves in the replay against mayo where ye didn't turn up. It's worrying but like roscommon you'd like to think that one match was a freak result rather than a reflection of where we are. I'll be honest I've no clue how we will be against mayo but you could say the same for mayo looking at previous championships they only just seem to do enough more often than not

Well our replay cam after drawing with the same opposition (Mayo are a lot stronger a team than the Leesiders) while fresh. That Cork team shipped a bad beating to us in the Hyde to end the league and an even worse one last week in a challenge match - it would have taken a serious under-performance to get hammered by them such is their own porous defence. It might be that Tipp simply put too much into the league and have ran out of steam. That's happened to a lot of teams. The pity is ye didn't beat Cavan and at least get to D1 for your efforts.

That leeside team brought mayo to extra time on their way to meeting ye. Ye lost in the league to a very poor Down side, these things happen. No didnt put too much into the league, I know for a fact promotion wasnt even talked about until after the louth match. I dont really know to be honest what you can put the Cork game down to but April def didnt help us. Tipp expected a long run in the hurling and we as much as any county are under big pressure running off our club championship due to dual clubs. We used April to its full so most of the lads play club hurling and football and had intercounty training weeknights that may well have been a factor but as i said we simply just dont know. And yes, trust me it was a serious under performance from us. Cork werent anything special, Connolly had a brilliant game but it was more down to ourselves rather than them the scoreline was as bad as it finished.

Anyway, Mayo are the 2nd best team in ireland for the last number of years, theres no question of that. We will need to be at the top of our game and that may not be enough.

Alright, just asking. How many hurlers could/ should be sprung into the football team now. The hurlers would have expected/hoped to play a lot longer into the summer. Can a football manager now leapfrog lads, that nailed their commitment to the hurling team, and piss off fellas that were footballers? I cant see how that can work.
 As regards the Cork game, the 6 day turnaround was huge and unfair. Cork got a run on a Tipp that looked a bit dull. They will be fresher and more focused  for this.
Mayo v Cork last August was a nightmare and we survived by a screed.
We had 4 nightmares last year before losing the final.


Probably second toughest draw Mayo could have got?
Another slow start in this and it could be very ropy.

Do any of Mayo posters think Rochford got his tactics wrong in the 2nd half with everyone retreating back to their own half given the wind?

Not for me. 14 players was bigger than wind for me. I was hoping to get to xtra time and bring it back to 15 v 15. Almost got there too.

Don't know if it's been mentioned already, but on the TV the pitch surface looked terrible and dangerous. Was it in anyway responsible for Parsons' injury?

Pitch was fine.

After a difficult and mostly awful league this was another tough day to endure from a Mayo perspective. Lack of discipline - again - cost us and that is just not good enough. However losing Parsons is the biggest blow - bigger than losing the game imo. We don't have enough players that can play at top level as it is so losing top players like Keegan and Parsons is not something we can cope with. We started yesterday with 2 lads that struggle at that level and our bench was largely ineffective. Calls to use our panel for qualifiers but really - what panel? We will have to play strongest team all the time if we are to survive at all. Remarkable that 2 lads played yesterday that didn't even play part of a senior league game. Sad that we haven t produced a quality inside forward in the years under Horan and Rochford. You would imagine it would be easier in a team that was relatively successful.
Anyway all the best to the Galway lads here. I was thinking before the game that when a big Galway crowd show up for these games, Galway win.

Whatever about teams that have been named,I think it is odds on that one team at least will finish a man down.A referee directive which is to be enforced strenuously.
Ahead of whatís expected to be a tense Connacht quarter-final between Mayo and Galway on Sunday, a warning has been issued that footballers involved in melees in this yearís championship will be sent off.A melee is where a third person or more become involved in an incident.Players have been warned but with both teams playing on the edge something has to give.

Ah yes, a directive that will be completely ignored later when Ulster and the Kerrys and Dublins kick into swing. Laughable, but I have no doubt that you are on the money there. Bit like schools cracking down on uniforms and mobile phones in September. A few months later hoodies and cyber bullying all around. Will we ever learn?

There must be 2 Keith Higgins. Hearing he is best man at a wedding day on Sat?
He is a major doubt anyway.

It looks like a bitter dispute because one of the parents wanted to form a breakaway club, according to my sources.
So it went far beyond effin' and blindin'.

I would imagine so. Effin' and blindin' not something that is acceptable either.
This story struck me like there were layers there. Kimmage comes out of this as the biggest tool of the whole story though.
A simplistic way to look at it is that there are two different types of clubs at underage. Those that have barely enough numbers to field a team and those with large numbers that struggle to keep kids and their parents sweet because of who gets to play most or at all.

General discussion / Re: Paddy Jackson apology
« on: May 07, 2018, 12:13:10 AM »
If we can hate Jackson and Olding for being dicks to women can we also unite in our hatred of Patrick Reed because he's a w**ker to his folks.

I don't hate either of them and they may well be decent lads in other ways, but nor do I have any sympathy that their careers are stalling as a result.  They brought it on themselves.  It doesn't appear to have been a spur of the moment/ out of character thing fuelled by drink.  It seems from the texts that this type of behaviour took place fairly regularly and was perhaps even planned.  It was going to get exposed at some point given their profiles.

All probably a result of too much money, too much time on their hands and too much porn.

Youíre making out that having sex on a regular bases and telling your mates is a crime! Wise up

I'm not but 2-3 grown men setting up a drunken teenager for group sex with them is morally reprehensible, whether it's legal or not.

They were all around the same age and they hardly set her up. She was a willing participant.
No they weren't around the same age and she was drunk. Where you come from is it fine to double and treble up on drunk teenagers then?
They were all drunk, not as if they were sober and got her drunk. What is your definition of around the same age? Olding was around 22 and Jackson 23/24. The girl was 19. No big difference.

You obviously do not have daughters. They did this sort of stuff regularly according to their WA group including spit roasting another girl the night before. WTF is wrong that they  can't go out and get a shag without sending girls home feeling degraded?  Do you really think the "willing participants" to these regular  threesomes woke up the next morning punching the air saying 'result, I got spit-roasted!!'

Iíve two daughters. Your point is lost..the girl had sex

She believed she was raped. That's why there was a court case. Most rape claims never even get to court.

General discussion / Re: Things that make you go What the F**k?
« on: May 06, 2018, 11:58:59 PM »Ū-probe-images-of-sex-act-on-church-altar/ar-AAwPjDE?ocid=spartanntp

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